Betting on tennis – Surfaces courts – Hard surface

Hard surface

Hard surface is probably the most neutral surface type at all. These courts are designed to reflect the balls regularly, allow rapid exchange and gave the players a strong position. Most tournaments are played on a hard surface because there decides mainly um tennis players.

This means that we can not expect too many surprising results. On a hard surface to play two Grand Slam (US Open and Australian Open). Courts can be indoor or outdoor, too. Here is true that the game is faster indoor courts. Outdoor Courts inevitably absorb little moisture from the air, which slows down the ball bounce.

So what it takes to play on hard surfaces for bettors? We have selected four important points to remember when planting to take into account:

Better player usually wins

As we stated above, on a hard surface, we can not expect too many surprising results. The reason is a regular ball bounce = reduction factor of chance. This allows good players to show what’s in them. Grass and clay courts provide less predictable bounce, thus taking advantage of weaker players.

Not all courts with a hard surface are the same

Before a bet can always find out as much information about a specific court. Not all are in fact the same – for example, Australian Open courts have slower ball bounce before courts at the US Open.

In the benefits are versatile players

On a hard surface is paid versatility, so look for more players who have the quality in all respects and avoid players who specialize in just one area of ​​the game. A player who has great submissions, but otherwise nothing much can not, is worse than an average player with the administration, but larger portions versatility.

Drop shots (shorter games) do not work too well

Players who rely on jabs, it will be on a hard surface rather difficult. The ball bounced higher than on clay or grass, so if it is an important part of a player’s arsenal, you should consider that you bet against him.

Betting on tennis on hard surfaces is ultimately quite simple. The surface does not interfere too much in the way of the game. In other words – usually wins the player who is playing better tennis. The only exception is perhaps the only indoor courts, which are generally faster and they want players with good administration. However, in most matches on hard (outside) surface favoring the players, in which you expect better form.